Welcome to Safe Harbors

Welcome to The Safe Harbors blog, written by me, Ariana Rice. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Santa Cruz, CA area with a passion for creating safe spaces for people to learn, share and heal. I believe that when we feel safe, we can explore the more painful or scary parts of ourselves. I also believe that when we feel safe enough to be honest, we empower others to do the same. I hope from what you read here that you will feel support from me whether its learning something new that helps you understand yourself better or a post that lets you know your are not alone. May this blog be a safe harbor for you to rest, be encouraged and comforted so you gain the courage to go back out into the unknown.

Let me know you are here and reach out if you want further information or to set up an appointment to further explore the topics and issues discussed here.

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